Ingrown toenails are a huge pain in the foot, right? Here at Surgical Associates of Cleveland, this is just one of the many painful conditions we treat. Let’s talk about the causes, symptoms, and what you can do if you develop the problem. The Symptoms Although any toe can be affected, most ingrown nails occur in the big toe. The earliest signs of an ingrown toenail include swelling and tenderness. Read on →

Did you know that poor sleep is a common complaint for patients after any kind of surgery? There are many reasons for this, including frequent waking, pain, poor airway control, and medication. Surgical Associates of Cleveland would like to offer some tips to help you recover after your next surgical procedure. Deal with the issue. If you’re having trouble sleeping after surgery, try to pinpoint the issue(s) causing you a problem. Read on →

Here at Surgical Associates of Cleveland, we know the pain of IBS. With school starting back in session, we know that those who suffer from IBS might be feeling nervous about how they can manage their symptoms and still make the grade. We’ve gathered some helpful tips to help you better manage your IBS in the new school year. Request appropriate accommodations. Visit your school’s office of disability services to get any academic and personal accommodations that you may need. Read on →

For more than twenty years, the demand for robotic-assisted surgeries have increased exponentially. Many great strides have been made over the past two decades to give more patients their best possible surgery experience and outcome. Surgical Associates of Cleveland wants to make sure everyone in our community is aware of the many benefits of robotic-assisted surgical procedures. When robotic-assisted surgery was first introduced to operating rooms around the country, there were some limitations which kept the use of robotics available to only a select group of patients. Read on →

Have you been diagnosed with diverticulitis? In this digestive disease, pouches form in the wall of the colon and become inflamed or even infected. Diet changes and antibiotics are often recommended–and sometimes surgery–so the Surgical Associates of Cleveland want to help you navigate the appropriate changes you should make. The focus of a diverticulitis diet is to give your gastrointestinal tract time to heal. You want to prevent constipation to avoid further infection. Read on →

Did you know that we can remove many skin cancers right here in the office? Skin cancer is quite common and it’s wise to see a doctor about any changes in your skin which could be cancerous. As we step into summer, Surgical Associates of Cleveland would like to encourage our entire community to practice smart skin cancer prevention tips. The first thing to remember is that UV rays can damage skin all year round. Read on →

June is a big month to talk about men’s health, since in the US we commemorate Men’s Health Week to coincide with Father’s Day. In many families, men are rather notorious for putting off seeing the doctor. At Surgical Associates of Cleveland, we care about the health of everyone in our community, and we want to see men’s health flourish. Here’s a handful of habits you can adopt, even in your later years of life, to promote better health, guys: Read on →

We are quickly approaching June and you know what that means–Father’s Day is coming up! Does your father have a surgery scheduled, or does he need to schedule a surgery soon? The physicians at Surgical Associates of Cleveland want to help give you some pointers on how to help Dad prepare for and recover from his next surgical procedure. Related: Get the 411 on hernia repair and recovery Prior to surgery Read on →

May is a month to celebrate all sorts of wonderful things in sunny Tennessee – like spring flowers, loving mothers, and school graduations. It’s also a month to raise awareness about skin cancer, including melanoma. Surgical Associates of Cleveland perform many surgical procedures due to skin cancer, and we’d like to share some lifestyle tips to help you reduce your risk. Related: What is skin cancer? Wear sunscreen every day. Read on →

It’s that time of year once again–springtime! Which means it’s time to think about our plans for Mother’s Day and how we’re going to celebrate mom. Surgical Associates of Cleveland knows how special the moms in our community are, and we’d like to invite you to consider honoring mom’s health this year. It’s very easy to get caught up in the less healthy aspects of any given holiday. Sugary foods and gifts often take center stage. Read on →