Did you know that we can remove many skin cancers right here in the office? Skin cancer is quite common and it’s wise to see a doctor about any changes in your skin which could be cancerous. As we step into summer, Surgical Associates of Cleveland would like to encourage our entire community to practice smart skin cancer prevention tips. The first thing to remember is that UV rays can damage skin all year round. Read on →

June is a big month to talk about men’s health, since in the US we commemorate Men’s Health Week to coincide with Father’s Day. In many families, men are rather notorious for putting off seeing the doctor. At Surgical Associates of Cleveland, we care about the health of everyone in our community, and we want to see men’s health flourish. Here’s a handful of habits you can adopt, even in your later years of life, to promote better health, guys: Start exercising! Read on →

We are quickly approaching June and you know what that means–Father’s Day is coming up! Does your father have a surgery scheduled, or does he need to schedule a surgery soon? The physicians at Surgical Associates of Cleveland want to help give you some pointers on how to help Dad prepare for and recover from his next surgical procedure. Related: Get the 411 on hernia repair and recovery Prior to surgery Make sure your dad has all of his preoperative tests and screenings, including blood tests and x-rays. Read on →

May is a month to celebrate all sorts of wonderful things in sunny Tennessee – like spring flowers, loving mothers, and school graduations. It’s also a month to raise awareness about skin cancer, including melanoma. Surgical Associates of Cleveland perform many surgical procedures due to skin cancer, and we’d like to share some lifestyle tips to help you reduce your risk. Related: What is skin cancer? Wear sunscreen every day. Maybe sunscreen seems like a sometimes or seasonal thing, but if you really want to protect your skin, you’ll make sunscreen an everyday habit. Read on →

It’s that time of year once again–springtime! Which means it’s time to think about our plans for Mother’s Day and how we’re going to celebrate mom. Surgical Associates of Cleveland knows how special the moms in our community are, and we’d like to invite you to consider honoring mom’s health this year. It’s very easy to get caught up in the less healthy aspects of any given holiday. Sugary foods and gifts often take center stage. Read on →

Here at Surgical Associates of Cleveland, we repair many hernias for folks in our community of Bradley County and beyond. When we talk about the various types of hernias, you may hear us refer to an indirect inguinal hernia. Indirect inguinal hernias are a timely topic for April, as it is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and this type of hernia is considered a risk factor for the disease. We’ve put together some basic facts you should know about this common hernia. Read on →

Did you know that March Is National Nutrition Month? What a great time to talk about post-surgery nutrition. Surgical Associates of Cleveland are committed to giving you your best possible surgical experience from diagnosis and patient education through surgery and aftercare. In the spirit of Nutrition Month, we have compiled some sensible eating tips to help you heal after your surgery. First things first. Listen to your doctor! Depending upon your surgical procedure, you might be advised to take on a specific diet for a day or two, like a clear liquid diet or bland diet. Read on →

Did you know that March Is National Kidney Month? Each March, health agencies across the US make a concerted effort to raise awareness about kidney health. At Surgical Associates of Cleveland, we sometimes see patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), also called chronic kidney failure, particularly for dialysis access surgery. This month we’ll do our part to talk more about CKD and kidney health. What Is Chronic Kidney Disease? When we talk about chronic kidney disease, we are talking about the gradual loss of normal kidney function. Read on →

Surgical Associates of Cleveland is pleased to introduce you to the da Vinci Surgical System, which allows your surgeon to operate through a few small incisions. Currently, we offer hernia repair via the impressive da Vinci System which features a magnified 3D high-definition vision system along with tiny wristed instruments which rotate and bend far greater than the human hand. What this means is that the da Vinci Surgical System helps your surgeon to operate with better vision, more precision and greater control. Read on →

Since World Cancer Day takes place on February 4, 2018, the Surgical Associates of Cleveland want to take the time to share some helpful tips to love your body and help prevent cancer. While researchers are constantly making new developments in the fight against cancer, there are several steps which experts agree we can all take to help reduce our risk factors for developing cancer. Stay tobacco-free. All types of tobacco use has been linked to a higher incidence of cancer. Read on →