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Did you know that poor sleep is a common complaint for patients after any kind of surgery? There are many reasons for this, including frequent waking, pain, poor airway control, and medication. Surgical Associates of Cleveland would like to offer some tips to help you recover after your next surgical procedure.

Deal with the issue.
If you’re having trouble sleeping after surgery, try to pinpoint the issue(s) causing you a problem. If you are troubled by light, you might wear a sleep mask. If noise is bothering you, you’ll want to try earplugs. Depending upon your surgery, you might do better sleeping sitting up in a chair or propped up in bed with extra pillows. The point is to deal with the exact culprit.

Talk to your doctors.
If medications are interfering with your sleep, you can talk with your doctor about possibly rescheduling your meds for better sleep. In some cases, your doctor may add medications known to improve sleep.

While you’re at it, be careful about adding or reducing medications. Some over the counter meds may not mix safely with prescription pain medication. Be sure to discuss all medications with your doctor, and if you’re sleeping poorly, ask if you might benefit from switching to a non-narcotic pain reliever, like Tylenol or ibuprofen.

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Speak up about your needs.
It may be uncomfortable, but you’ve got to be prepared to speak up for your needs as they arise. If you’re having trouble sleeping because the room is too cold, or the atmosphere too noisy, don’t hesitate to tell your family or medical staff (if you’re recovering in the hospital). Your loved ones and medical care providers will want to help you.

Luckily, most people return to their usual quality of sleep within a few weeks of surgery, and discover that their quality of sleep improve daily as they continue to heal.

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Do you have any other questions about recovering after surgery? Surgical Associates of Cleveland are pleased to help you in any way we can. Visit our website today to learn more.