How To Help Dad Get Through Surgery | Surgical Associates of Cleveland

We are quickly approaching June and you know what that means–Father’s Day is coming up! Does your father have a surgery scheduled, or does he need to schedule a surgery soon? The physicians at Surgical Associates of Cleveland want to help give you some pointers on how to help Dad prepare for and recover from his next surgical procedure.

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Prior to surgery

  • Make sure your dad has all of his preoperative tests and screenings, including blood tests and x-rays.

  • If you or your father have any questions about insurance, be sure to get them answered before the date of surgery.

  • Will Dad require any special medical equipment or help with home health care upon discharge? You’ll want to help Dad make those arrangements as soon as possible. Planning the day of discharge will make everything run more smoothly.

  • Get written instructions about the care Dad will need after surgery, appropriate phone numbers in case you encounter any problems, and the prescription medicines that Dad will need at home.

  • Find out if there are any pre-op instructions–does Dad need to stop any medications? Fast before surgery? Make sure Dad complies with all of the surgeon’s directions prior to surgery.

  • Prepare the house for Dad’s return and make sure he has easy access to his bed, kitchen and bathroom–in some cases, Dad might need a temporary bed downstairs if he can’t climb stairs to get to his bedroom. Make sure Dad’s kitchen is stocked with healthy and easy to prepare food. If Dad is a reader, grab some new books for him to enjoy during recovery.

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On day of surgery

  • Have Dad leave his watch and wedding band at home–no jewelry on surgery day.

  • Make sure Dad wears glasses rather than contact lenses that day.

After surgery

  • Verify your written instructions regarding aftercare to see if anything has changed and make sure you understand the care your father will need along with any medications. Ask when Dad can resume normal activities.

  • Help Dad follow all directions once he’s home.

  • Make sure he gets to his post-operative check-up and confirm if/when normal activities may resume.

We hope these tips help you and Dad feel more at ease about his upcoming surgery. Keep in mind that we are always happy to answer any questions and we aim to give patients and their families as much information as possible. Patients are welcome to call us at any time of the day or night at (423) 472-5423. If it’s after hours or the weekend, listen to the instructions and press 5 to be connected to the “on call” doctor. Want more info about our surgical services? Visit our website today.