Pre-Surgery Tips to Encourage Recovery | Surgical Associates of Cleveland

There are several factors that come into play when someone is having surgery, but our team at Surgical Associates of Cleveland has come up with a few tips to help you prepare well not only for surgery, but for recovery, too.

##Focus on Nutrition Good post-operational recovery starts well before the surgery by eating well. Nutrition is important all of the time, but allowing your body to function at its optimal nutritional levels before surgery will set a body up for success when it comes time to recover.

##Eat Your Protein Protein is known to promote wound healing and can be especially helpful in surgical recovery. If you are a meat-lover, have some lean meat with a side high in antioxidants for dinner the night before surgery. If vegetables are more your speed, enjoy a dish with pesto or hummus to boost your protein intake. You can sneak in protein in various ways, and doing so will help your body during and after surgery.

##Get Your Blood Pumping Many people think that because they are about to have surgery that they should take it easy and be more dormant the week of an operation, when actually the opposite is true. Being physically active and enjoying an activity you are already involved with will help your body recover faster after surgery. Try to be active for at least 30 minutes per day the week before surgery.

##Follow the Doctor’s Orders Your physician cares about you and your physical well-being and will try to make the before, during, and after stages of surgery as comfortable and helpful as possible. Do your part by following his or her instructions and recommendations for your health.

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