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We know the holidays and Christmas season are an exciting time of the year for kids and families. It is also a common time of the year for parents to schedule needed surgery for year-end savings on insurance. Your friends at Surgical Associates of Cleveland have some tips to help your whole family get through winter surgery with minimal anxiety.

Maintain a positive attitude.
Remember that children take cues from their parents; so it is especially important to remain calm and reassuring. It’s helpful to focus on the positive outcome rather than the surgery itself. You can talk about all of the things you will be able to do after healing from surgery.

Keep your loved ones informed.
Whether you or your child is having surgery, it’s natural for children to feel nervous and have plenty of questions. There are many helpful children’s books that can assist in preparing kids for surgery. You can wrap the book up for a gift and give it to them before the surgery so you can read it together. Here are a few titles to consider:

  • Curious George Goes to the Hospital
  • My Brother Needs an Operation
  • Goodbye Tonsils
  • A Visit to the Sesame Street Hospital

It can help younger children feel more at ease by playing with a toy doctor’s kit. They can learn how different instruments work by using the tools on their stuffed animals and dolls.

Older children may prefer to tour the clinic or hospital facilities prior to the surgery date. That way they can meet the staff, and become more familiar with the procedures.

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Anxious adults often deal better with an upcoming surgery by learning more information about the procedure, and asking their doctor any questions they might have.

Include seasonal fun as much as possible.
When planning for a surgery around the holidays, most people want to know that they won’t miss out on the festivities. Check with the doctor about any special diets that could restrict candy and baked goodies so you can plan alternatives. If surgery prevents someone from participating in a party, find a way to include them by having everyone sign a get well card, and taking plenty of pictures.

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