4 Tips to Stress Less About Your Surgery | Surgical Associates of Cleveland

It’s completely natural to feel a bit nervous or anxious before any surgical procedure, but we would like to help set your mind at ease. The next time you go into surgery, consider these tips from Surgical Associates of Cleveland to help you get through the experience with less stress.

Become a well-informed patient.
During your evaluation, we will thoroughly go over your treatment options and the recommended surgical procedure. Some of the information we will cover will include what to expect–both before and after–as well as any complications that may arise. We want you to play an active and informed role in your health care, so we encourage you to ask any questions that may arise. In some cases, we may provide you with educational materials to review.

Get some post-surgery help.
Considering that you may be groggy or easily confused after surgery, it’s a good idea to have a friend or family member act as your post-surgery advocate. Your advocate should also be informed about what to expect following your surgical procedure. Once you are discharged and return home, have your advocate watch over you for the following 48 hours.

Prepare for your follow-up care.
Sometimes patients are surprised that follow-up care after surgery takes some real work. You–or a caregiver–may need to learn some new skills, like changing bandages. Make sure you have our number handy so you can ask us if you need additional clarification about your discharge instructions. We want you to communicate with us–studies show that patients who stay in touch with their surgical team during their recovery are less likely to have serious complications.

Follow your aftercare instructions.
Remember, after surgery your body will need proper rest and plenty of time to fully heal. It’s important that you follow all doctor’s instructions. Your instructions may include changes to your eating and sleeping routines, and are advised for good reason. Depending upon the type of surgery you have had, you may need to have others help you with chores and work.

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